A market leader in large scale
Commercial Litigation Funding.

Calunius Capital LLP acts as the sole Investment Adviser to the Calunius Litigation Risk Fund LP and the Calunius Litigation Risk Fund 2 LP (the “Calunius Funds”).  The Calunius Funds are focussed exclusively on investments in Litigation Funding and have combined capital commitments of more than €100million.  Calunius Capital advises the Calunius Funds on the origination, assessment and execution of funding transactions linked to large scale commercial litigation and arbitration claims in UK and German domestic and international contexts under a wide range of applicable laws.

Cases financed by the Calunius Funds have been heard all over the world, including in London, Paris, Washington and Munich.

The combined Litigation Funding experience of the Calunius team covers more than 40 years.  They have committed tens of millions of pounds worth of funding for litigation and arbitration since 2000.

Calunius Capital is authorised and regulated as an Investment Adviser by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and has been so authorised and regulated since 2007.  The Calunius Funds are authorised by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

Calunius Capital LLP has been a funder member of the Association of Litigation Funders of England & Wales (“the ALF”) since the ALF was established in November 2011.

All applications for litigation funding from the Calunius Funds should be made to Calunius Capital.

If you would like further information please go to 'Submit a Question' or email us at info@calunius.com.



Calunius news and media

Listed companies in funded disputes

13 February 2015

Leslie Perrin and Christian Stuerwald, partners at Calunius, discuss a recent cartel follow on claim settlement in the context of public companies' disclosure obligations.

Excalibur case analysis from a litigation funding perspective

14 January 2015

Calunius’ chairman Leslie Perrin comments on the recent Excalibur judgment, which clarifies certain aspects of a litigation funder’s liability for adverse costs.

Opinion on jurisdictional aspects of aggregating cartel follow on claims

11 December 2014

A brief assessment by Calunius' Christian Stuerwald of a recent Opinion by the Advocate General that could have wide ranging effects on how cartel follow on claims are pursued in Europe.


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