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Commercial Litigation Funding

The Calunius Funds provide finance for the legal and associated costs of large international arbitration and litigation disputes, enabling businesses and individuals to manage the financial risk of enforcing their meritorious commercial claims through legal action.

Arbitration and litigation funding generally covers the payment in full of lawyers, experts and court fees.  The Calunius Funds will also make provision for adverse costs to be covered in the event that proceedings are unsuccessful and the costs of the other side have to be paid.

In suitable cases, in addition to funding legal costs, the Calunius Funds can also provide corporate funding to assist businesses to manage their cash flows during sometimes lengthy proceedings.

The Calunius Funds hold more than €100million in capital commitments on behalf of our investors, with whom co-investment and syndication structures are in place that mean that no case is too large for the Calunius Funds.

The combined litigation funding experience of the London team at Calunius Capital extends over more than 40 years.  The members of the team have committed tens of millions of pounds of funding for litigation and arbitration costs since 2000, including cases of exceptional size and complexity.

The international reach of business disputes has led to Calunius funded cases being heard all over the world, including in London, Paris, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Munich, Dusseldorf and Helsinki.

All enquiries for litigation funding from the Calunius Funds should be sent to Calunius Capital, where you will find the team to be both approachable and knowledgeable.

If you would like further information please contact a member of the Calunius Capital team on +44 203 142 8330 or email us at info@calunius.com.



Calunius news and media

New York International Arbitration Centre event 'When Third-Party Funders Meet Requests for Costs and Security for Costs'

New York - 3 February 2016

Calunius partner Mick Smith will be participating in the presentation of a Report on Costs and Security for Costs prepared by the ICCA-Queen Mary Task Force on Third-Party Funding in International Arbitration.

Conference “International Dispute Resolution involving Russian and CIS Parties”

28/29 January 2016

Calunius partner Mick Smith led a workshop at C5’s “International Dispute Resolution involving Russian and CIS Parties“ on January 28th and 29th, 2016 in London. He was joined by senior practitioners in the field, sharing specialist knowledge and best practices with other industry professionals.

Litigation Funding Masterclass (Thomson Reuters)

Leslie Perrin gives a Masterclass on Litigation Funding

Leslie Perrin presents a session on 'Litigation Funding' as part of Sweet & Maxwell's online professional development programme. The Masterclass is a 30 minute video discussing the topic and is in the format of a structured interview.


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